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Comite Mac Orlan



«  The only thing I'm sure of is being born at Péronne on February 26th 1882.… »
Pierre Dumarchey is born at Péronne, in the Somme.

His mother, Berthe Francine Artus, dies.
He becomes a student in Orléans.

He enters the "École normale d'instituteurs" in Rouen.

He moves to Montmartre where he tries his hand at painting.
He works in Rouen as a proof reader at La Dépêche de Rouen.
He returns to Paris and leads a miserable existence at the famous "Bateau-Lavoir".

He adopts the pseudonym of Pierre Mac Orlan.
He illustrates Robert Duquesne's novel, Monsieur Homais voyage.
He carries out his military service at Châlons. He does not have a bad memory of this period when being a soldier saved him from extreme poverty.

Montmartre, where he lives in rue Lamarck. He meets Maurice de Vlaminck.
Trips to Marseille, Naples, Palermo, Bruges...

He frequents Le Lapin Agile, a cabaret in Montmartre, where he meets Picasso, Max Jacob, Dorgelès... He makes his debuts as a journalist and begins to write humorous stories, risqué novels and songs.
Besides this, he illustrates his own texts like Les pattes en l'air and Le rire jaune..

On Chas Laborde's recommendation, Gus Bofa, artistic director of Le Rire and Le Sourire hires him to write stories for these papers.
et du Sourire, le fait écrire des contes dans ces journaux.
His first holiday, alongside artists (Vaillant, Asselin...) at Brigneau, near Pont-Aven.
He will return there every summer until 1914.
His first novel: La Maison du retour écœurant.

He marries Marguerite Luc, step-daughter of Frédéric Gérard, the landlord of Le Lapin Agile.
He buys the house at Les Archets, Saint-Cyr-sur-Morin in Seine-et-Marne (through Berthe Luc, Marguerite's mother).
Pierre and Marguerite live in rue Ranelagh in Paris and spend the summer in Saint-Cyr.

He is mobilised, wounded in 1916 (outside Péronne, his native town) and subsequently demobilised.

Le Chant de l'équipage marks the beginning of the theme of adventure in his works.
A war reporter: begins a career as special correspondent, numerous voyages.

A bord de l'Etoile Matutine. Petit manuel du parfait aventurier.
Literary director of "Les éditions de la Banderole".

Les Clients du bon chien jaune.

Sous la Lumière froide (his favourite book).
Le Quai des Brumes (this "quai" was the nickname of Le Lapin Agile; the screen adaptation of the novel by Marcel Carné is set in Le Havre).
Moves permanently to Saint-Cyr-sur-Morin.

Death of his father, Pierre Edmond Dumarchey.

He covers stories in Morocco and Tunisia.

La Bandera

La Nuit de Zeebrugge, Le bal du Pont du Nord.

Screen adaptation of La Bandera, by Julien Duvivier (with Jean Gabin and Annabella).

Screen adaptation of Le Quai des Brumes, by Marcel Carné (with Jean Gabin and Michèle Morgan).

L'Ancre de Miséricorde.

He writes the lyrics to songs performed by Juliette Gréco, Catherine Sauvage, Monique Morelli…

He is elected to the Académie Goncourt.
Mademoiselle Bambù.

Chansons pour accordéon.

Death of Marguerite.

Le rugby et ses paysages sentimentaux, one of his last written works

Pierre Mac Orlan dies at Saint-Cyr-sur-Morin.
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